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Voice of Warwickshire Residents Panel

Warwickshire County Council is forming a new residents’ panel called ‘Voice of Warwickshire’ – and they need your help.

Published: 22 October 2021

The panel will help to shape council decisions and priorities over the next few years. It will help the council to understand people’s needs and improve how they work with communities in tackling the huge challenges we face in a world that has been changed by the pandemic.

People who sign up will be helping to deliver the new County Council Plan, focusing on big issues in Warwickshire, like health and wellbeing, climate change and sustainability, community safety, education, transport, economic growth, inequalities and inclusion, and more.

As a resident of Warwickshire, this is your chance to get more involved in big decisions that affect the local area.

How people can take part

To be eligible to take part, you need to be 18 or over and live in Warwickshire. People are asked to sign up initially for 12 months. Once they register as a Voice of Warwickshire member, they will be asked to contribute around four times a year through short surveys and polls.

To register please visit or, if you don’t have access to the internet, by calling 01926 410410 in office hours.

The closing date for registration is 14th November 2021.

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