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Update from Ilmington Sewage Working Group

Severn Trent Water has completed a survey of the sewage system in the village and will use the data to investigate potential solutions.

Published: 29 March 2024

The Sewage Group of residents met Severn Trent Water (STW) representatives again on 25 March to review progress on resolving continuing sewage problems in the village.

STW has now conducted CCTV, manhole and drainage flow surveys. The data has demonstrated that, other than some localised issues, the sewage system is in a reasonable condition but does not have sufficient capacity in times of rainfall. There is a direct correlation between rainfall and sewage spills into the streets. Water testing by residents showed high levels of phosphates in the stream beyond the treatment works.

Next steps

The survey data will update STW’s hydraulic model which will be used to assess potential solutions.

Outline options should be available by the end of June with a view to holding a public meeting in July where the water company will present their proposals.

In the meantime, STW will undertake necessary repairs and further investigations into localised problems.

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