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Road Safety & Speeding in Ilmington

Do you have concerns about road safety in Ilmington? The parish council wants to hear your ideas to help make our community safer.

Published: 8 February 2024

📢 Attention Ilmington Residents 📢

Dear Residents,

We are aware that some villagers have concerns about the speed of traffic on local roads. Your safety matters to us, and we want to hear your thoughts on road safety and speeding in our village. It’s important for us to understand your concerns and ideas to make our community safer.

🚗 Speeding concerns: Have you noticed speeding issues in our village? Whether it’s on specific roads or at certain times, your observations matter. Please take a moment to share your experiences and thoughts on where you’ve witnessed speeding problems.

💬 Your input needed: We value your input on what actions the council should take to address these concerns. Whether it’s increasing signage, or any other ideas you may have, your suggestions are vital. Would you be prepared to volunteer for a Community Speed Watch group in Ilmington? Let’s work together to create a safer environment for everyone in the village.

🗓️ Upcoming Discussion: The topic of road safety will be on the agenda for our next parish council meeting on Thursday 29 February, 7:30pm in Ilmington Community Shop Cafe. Your feedback will help shape the decisions made for the benefit of our community. Look out for updates in the Ilmington 20:20 newsletter.

Thank you for being an active part of our community. Your voice matters, and together, we can make Ilmington a safer place for all.

Best regards,

Ilmington Parish Council

How to contact us

Write to us by email at

Or leave a message in the Parish Council box in the shop.

How to report speeding offences

Sadly, poor driving standards are seen on a daily basis in numerous locations, which unfortunately, is something we cannot control. If residents do wish to report vehicles they consider to be speeding, they may contact the Police via the non-emergency number, 101, or via their online reporting portal: These calls/reports do provide evidence toward consideration of future enforcement sites.

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