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Cost of Living

Helping Warwickshire Residents To Pay Utility Bills

Vulnerable residents in Warwickshire who are struggling financially have until 5 July 2024 to apply for a voucher.

Published: 20 June 2024

Dear all,

The objective of the Government’s Household Support Fund is to provide crisis support to vulnerable households in most need with the cost of essentials.   

In recognition that an unexpected increase in costs can create real challenges for our residents who are experiencing financial hardship, another county wide utilities voucher campaign will launch in June 2024.

Short-term financial assistance in the form of a one-off voucher payment will be available to help those who are struggling to afford energy and water bills. This will supplement ongoing emergency support from the Local Welfare Scheme for residents in financial crisis.   

Families and households in Warwickshire can apply whether they use pre-payment meters, pay by direct debit or on receipt of a bill.  Residents are invited to contact the Local Welfare Scheme team for a confidential discussion about their situation. All applications for the payment must be made by 5 July 2024.    

Anyone entitled to benefits eligible free school meals will have received this support in May/early June.

Vulnerable residents in Warwickshire who are struggling financially can apply for support by contacting the Local Welfare Scheme directly on 0800 4081448 or 01926 359182. For further information please visit:

Further help and support for residents is available at:    

Kind Regards,

Craig Cusack
Director of Enabling Services
Warwickshire County Council

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